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Nothing is mass-produced. It's all handmade when you order it. Created by me for you.

Crochet products made with love


Each product is created for you by me with care and eye for detail. Perfection

Crochet products made worldwide by Woolster


As Dutch-Kiwi crochet addict,
I create my products where I am.... Home sweet home in New Zealand

Creating new items HERE RIGHT NOW

Created locally, shipping worldwide

👉 Between March & May 2023: The Netherlands

👉 From June 2023: New Zealand (home sweet home)

Market(s) 2023

New markets will be added soon!

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Turning crochet projects into unique gifts

Unique gifts for someone special or for yourself. Everyone will love receiving these handcrafted crochet products. All products are created by travelling crochet addict Esther with roots in New Zealand and Europe. While travelling I decided to open up my passion for crochet and creating handy, fun and/or useful products to the rest of the world. My online shop will be your one-stop-shop for unique crochet gifts.

Home Décor crochet products for your living room, bathroom or bedroom

Decorate your home with my range of home décor products. Handcrafted and created according to the latest trends in fashion, home decoration and colours.

From washcloth or bath mitt to colourful baskets for keys, jewellery or small loose items, any home can use a Woolster crochet product from the home décor range.

Accessories: fashion or personal accessories

My crochet accessories will complement your lifestyle. Eco-friendly and reusable fruit and vegetable bags should be a staple in everyone's shopping basket. Created from durable and eco-friendly materials these crochet fruit/veggies bags will last a long time.

Or go for a bigger size crochet basket, also called a shopping bag. Light-weight and easy to use. Just a few of the handcrafted crochet products you will find in my range of accessories.

Seasonal crochet products: making the festive season even more festive

From Easter to Christmas and all holidays of festive days in between, Woolster has unique handcrafted crochet products to make the season even more festive.

Colourful handcrafted crochet products that match the colour scheme of the season... And of course according to the latest colour trends in fashion and home decoration.

Decorate your Christmas tree with handcrafted crochet Christmas bauble, hang colourful crochet mini Christmas trees around the house or use my range of baskets to present your Christmas gifts in.

Easter will become more colourful with my range of Easter crochet seasonal products, from egg cosies to festive decorations for your Easter egg tree (a classic German tradition called "Ostereierbaum").

Blending creativity & culture from around the world

As Woolster is always moving around, combining travel and creating handcrafted crochet products, creativity is triggered by cultures, materials and local traditions I come across. Therefore my product range always varies.

Shopping at Woolster will always surprise you. New products are added all the time, created in amazing places using local materials. These crochet products are unique, fun and will complement your lifestyle.

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