Winter’s Day Rib Headband – various colours



This handcrafted winter headband will keep your head and ears warm this winter. Perfect for sporty & active types to protect your forehead and ears from the cold. Bring one when going hiking, biking, skiing or any other outdoor activity this winter. If you don’t like beanies or hats, you will love this headband. Stay warm & active this winter.


Biking, running or hiking is easier when your hair isn’t getting in the way. The Woolster winter hairband is here to help you out. Its soft acrylic yarn will keep you warm on a cold winter’s day.

Advantages of a headband in winter

  • Keeps your head and ears warm in winter (the most obvious advantage)
  • Easier to use than a hat when you like to put long hair in a ponytail
  • Better than a winter hat when you don’t like to put something on your head

All Woolster crochet products are handmade and created with ❤️ while travelling the world. The photos above are real photos of the products. However, due to the way your monitor displays colours, there can be a small difference between the photos and the real-life product.

Additional information


blue, cream, grey, dark, grey, dark (marble), grey, light, grey, light (marble), natural, ochre, olive, teal

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