Woolster cookie policies & privacy statements

No one likes a big chunk of yarn all tangled up and hard to work with. The same goes for cookie and privacy information. Therefore, Woolster likes to keep these as simple as possible so it is easy to understand. Have a look at the info below, which has been split into a short and super-easy to understand section and the long aka legal version of it all.

Short version about dealing with cookies & privacy

This is the easiest version of our Cookie Policy & Privacy Statement. It applies to all our fans of handmade crochet products. Woolster cares and respects your privacy.

  • Cookies in moderation

    We only use the minimum amount of cookies, mostly functional.

  • Caring about website visitors' privacy

    We don't ask for data, only when you use the contact form. Then we ask for the minimum amount needed to follow up.

  • Safeguarding our customers' privacy

    We only ask for the minimum info needed to fulfil your order.

  • Secure connection

    Website data is encrypted via SSL (see the lock sign in your browser's address bar).

  • No cookies or trackers via analytics

    Analytics help us improve the website. As we value our customer's privacy we use a simple analytics solution that has no connection to the adtech and surveillance capitalism. It DOES NOT place cookies and other persistent identifiers. No personal data is collected and all stats are in aggregate only

  • No advertisements

    We DO NOT use any advertisements on our website. There are no ad trackers whatsoever and no profiling is done.

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