Winter’s Day Merino Headband


New design and different yarn. Meet the new merino winter headband, a stylish and practical accessory for the colder months of the year.
These headbands are handcrafted using soft, high-quality NZ merino wool, providing warmth and comfort. The new design and beautiful colours add a unique texture and make it a fashionable and stylish addition to your winter outfit.



Glide, stride, or hike with style and no hair hassle! Say hello to the Woolster Merino Hairband, your new bestie for cold days. Its cosy merino yarn hugs your head just right, keeping you snug and fab even when it’s frosty out.

Why you’ll love rocking a headband this winter:

  • It keeps your noggin and ears toasty – super essential!
  • Perfect for those ponytail days – way easier than a hat!
  • It’s the chic choice if hats aren’t really your thing.

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duck egg, mist, ochre, olive, snow, steel grey

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will be shipped within 5 days, worldwide shipping

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