Zero Waste Soap Saver


Do you want to live a bit more environmentally conscious? Use less plastic and also be kind to your wallet. Look no further, the Woolster soap saver is just what you need. When you’ve switched from plastic bottles to soap bars in your bathroom, this handmade soap saver is the perfect solution to reduce waste. This will allow you to keep using your bar of soap down to the last crumb. In addition, it is made of soft materials which are nice for your skin and it is super easy to use. Perfect for a zero-waste life.



With all the news about plastic soup and climate change, we try to live as environmentally conscious and sustainable as possible. For example by reducing the use of plastic, and therefore replacing plastic bottles of shower gel or shampoo in the bathroom for soap and shampoo bars instead. Great news for the planet.

But some of us don’t like to use a soap bar in the shower. Simply because it’s such a hassle to dry the soap afterwards or the bar is slipping out of our hands. And how to deal with small pieces of soap when the bar is almost used? That’s where the Woolster handcrafted soap saver comes in.

A soap saver is a sustainable way to use your soap bar as efficiently as possible and prevent waste, simply because you can use your soap until the last crumb.

And not only do you take care of the environment but also of yourself. Each soap saver pouch is handcrafted locally using a mix of cotton and acrylic yarn. It is gentle on your skin yet has a light exfoliating effect as well, this gives each soap saver a unique texture and feel. And ensuring better blood circulation in the skin, which contributes to the removal of dead skin cells and therefore also to cell renewal.

How to use a soap saver?

A soap saver is a perfect tool for storing your soap and using it during your shower routine. Simply wet the sachet with the soap until it foams nicely then start your daily ritual. The material of the soap saver is nice and soft and ensures good cleaning of the skin. Just put the long loop on your wrist so the soap can’t fall out of your hands. And after use, simply use the same long loop to hang the soap to dry, preferably in a place where it won’t get wet when others shower.

As a result, your soap dries faster and lasts longer, which is good for the environment and your wallet. Any leftover soap? Just put them all together in one of these handmade sustainable soap savers, a perfect zero waste life.

You can easily wash the soap saver in the washing machine at 30 degrees. However, it is wise to use a washing bag. This way you can reuse the soap saver, very sustainable and good for the environment.

Use it with all kinds of sizes of soap bars

The handmade soap savers are suitable for all sizes of standard soap bars available in supermarkets or pharmacies. From regular body soap to shampoo and conditioner bars, but also shaving soap or cleansing soap.

Nowadays there are a lot of handmade soap bars available as well. These artisan soap bars are made with care, from natural ingredients, without sulfates and based on vegetable oils. You can find these handmade soap bars at every farmer’s or craft market and in trendy gift shops. Awesome, because that means we are right on track with our zero waste challenge.

And these handmade soap bars are a perfect match with a handmade Woolster soap saver. Because these handmade soap bars are usually larger than the standard soap bars from the store, the soap savers are available in different sizes and also in various trendy colours.

Will you turn to a 100% zero waste lifestyle?

Additional information


standard (7 x 10 cm), large (10 x 12 cm)


blue, brown, dark green, light green, mustard, natural, old pink, rust

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