Creating locally, shipping globally

The world is literally THE WORLD OF WOOLSTER

Woolster crochet products are created locally and are shipped worldwide. It just depends on the time of year where "locally" is for me. There is a reason I call myself the travelling crochet addict. Here's some interesting background info about me and how I run my online business.

Shipping costs will always be updated as soon as I reach a new location. My super-smart shop will always show you the lowest shipping rate possible, based on my shipping locaton and your location as the receiving party.

Creating new items HERE RIGHT NOW

Created locally, shipping worldwide

👉 Between March & May 2023: The Netherlands

👉 From June 2023: New Zealand (home sweet home)

Market(s) 2023

New markets will be added soon!

See all pop-up locations where Woolster products are being sold.

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