Another way to shop for handcrafted & creative gifts Woolster products are available in stores as well

Amazing Creative Stores in Christchurch

After joining forces with creative minds behind several pop-up stores in Christchurch, my Woolster products have now hit the shelves of Down By The Sea in New Brighton and Immer Farbe in the CBD of Christchurch.

A selection of my online product range combined with some exclusives that aren't for sale online are now available in these stores. Check 'em and out... And definitely check out the other creators' products.

Down By The Sea in New Brighton, New Zealand

Down By The Sea in New Brighton
Creative Store Info

Down By The Sea isn't a pop-up store like The Assembly Point or Creator Co-Lab. This creative store is a permanent place to shop for handmade products by local artists. Down By The Sea in New Brighton carries heaps of amazing products, including Woolster handcrafted crochet products.

A bit more info about Down By The Sea, to quote the shop owner: "Down by the Sea was established to share my passion for making high-quality unique creations by making them available to others."

Check out their Facebook page and make sure to LIKE that page because you don't want to miss out.

Check out the opening hours of the creative store and drop by whenever you can.

To Do & See - Artists Involved

The beautiful work and creations of New Zealand-based artists and creatives are on display and for sale at the creative shop: Down By The Sea. Expect to see the following at this shop:

  • Lady Behind The Lens
  • Jackelope Treasures
  • Into The Wild
  • Old Ted Bears
  • Absolute Joy NZ
  • Cathie Cowell
  • Creative Clay Studio

There is more, so much more to see at the creative shop Down By The Sea, so make sure to drop by regularly. See for address details and opening hours.

Creative pop-up store in Christchurch

Store Location - Down By The Sea

105 Brighton Mall

New Brighton

Christchurch 8061

New Zealand

Opening Hours

Monday: 10am–5pm

Tuesday: 10am–5pm

Wednesday: 10am–5pm

Thursday: 10am–5pm

Friday: 10am–5pm

Saturday: 10am–4pm

Sunday: closed

Please drop by and support Christchurch creators!
Thank you for your support!

Pop-up Shop in Christchurch

There's a new pop-up shop in town: Immer Farbe, a colourful pop-up shop created by some of the people behind the former Assembly Point pop-up shop in Christchurch. Check out the new pop-up shop in Christchurch.

Immer Farbe pop-up shop in Christchurch

Immer Farbe in Christchurch CBD
Pop-up Shop Info

Immer Farbe is blessed to have found a physical pop-up shop space in Christchurch! Thanks to the Life in Vacant Spaces Christchurch incubator, there is now a new space to showcase and sell creations from 30+ local artisans, including Woolster. There will be so much to look forward to.

Check out their Facebook page and make sure to LIKE that page because you don't want to miss out.

Check out the opening hours of the pop-up shop and drop by to support local artists.

Pop-up Shop Location - Immer Farbe

106 Cashel Street

Christchurch 8061

New Zealand

Opening Hours

Open for a limited time: from 6 December 2022 to 23 December 2022!

Monday: to be announced

to be announced

to be announced

to be announced

to be announced

to be announced

to be announced

Creative pop-up shops in Christchurch to shop local and support the community

Do you love looking for unique and fun items to add to your home? Or maybe you just enjoy shopping locally? There’s a good chance that you’ll want to check out one of the many pop-up shops in Christchurch. Not only will they be a great place to shop, these shops are also a great way for small businesses to get exposure and support as well as an opportunity to create jobs. They can also act as a community hub by offering workshops, activities, and market stalls. From handcrafted soaps and jewellery to plants and candles, here are some of the best pop-ups and creative stores in or around Christchurch. A great place to support local retailers and buy locally.

Creative pop-up shops in Christchurch are a great way to get out of the house and visit local shops. They are also a great way to meet other people in your area who may not otherwise have the opportunity to do so.

Amazing creative shop: Down By The Sea in New Brighton

It is always amazing when you come across a creative shop that supports local artists that isn't a pop-up shop. Down By The Sea in New Brighton is such a fun place to shop. I'm so happy that a selection of my Woolster handmade crochet products can be found there, next to heaps of amazing products by fellow creators from Christchurch or the Canterbury region. Down By The Sea is the best place to shop for unique products and to support local creators.

It’s my hope that you love these products as much as I do, and that these tools help you on your creative journey. If you have any questions or would learn more about these or other products, feel free to drop by Down By The Sea in New Brighton. Stay creative!

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