Bobo The Two-Legged Bunny Soft Toy For Babies


Bobo is a soft toy that is specifically made for babies. Its pleasant colour scheme, simplicity in design and the pleasant sound of the rattle inside is what will put a smile on your babies face. Super-soft cotton (100% cotton) and the fibre filling makes it a light-weight soft toy, so it’s easy to play with.

This version of Bobo does have a rattle inside.



Bobo the Two-legged Bunny with its pointy, soft ears wants to be your friend. Its eyes are embroidered on (left) and crocheted & embroidered on (the right one), giving it a playful and friendly look. But it also means there are no plastic parts that could come loose.

Bobo is made from 100% cotton and is filled with fibre filling. The rattle is specifically made for babies and is completely hidden inside Bobo’s belly. Your baby will love this soft toy.

Handmade with ❤️  by Woolster from a design & pattern by Lanukas.

Additional information


23cm (length)

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