Decorative Storage Basket Large – variety of colours


Versatile and colourful decorative baskets that can be used anywhere in the house: from the baby room to the home office. Various colours are available.
Each sold separately.



The easiest way to declutter your home is to buy a bunch of storage baskets to put all those loose items in. Out of the way, out of sight. Although these ugly plastic baskets are never out of sight. These are most often an eye sore. Not a pretty sight to see these runs of the mill baskets. Switch our decorative storage baskets, handcrafted (crochet) and in various fashionable colours.

These beautiful baskets will fit anywhere in your house. Any place where there’s a bunch of small items, a Woolster decorative storage basket will save the day.


Organise your spice jars or herbal sachets by putting ‘em all in a Woolster decorative storage basket. If you do spill some smoked paprika or Cajun herbs on it, it’s good to know that these crochet storage baskets are washable (gentle wash in cold water).

Home Office

Get rid of these loose USB sticks, charging cables or oldskool pens. A decorative storage basket looks great on your desk and takes care of all these loose items.

Living Room

Car keys, supermarket receipts, small change and other small items that keeps piling up on a side table in your living room are taken care of when you put a decorative storage basket on that side table. The mess is out of sight while every family member knows where to go if they’re looking for their car keys: that beautiful crochet basket on the side table.

Baby room

Are there too many small bottles and tubes of creams and lotions on the table in the baby room? Declutter by putting it all in one of our cute storage baskets. Handmade and easy to wash, so no problem if you happen to spill some baby oil on it.

Kids room

Never lose track of tiny parts of their Hot Wheels or LEGO collection. As the kids grow, they can keep their colouring pencils in these storage baskets.

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pink, mint, blue, natural


diameter: 17 cm & heigth: 11 cm

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will be shipped within 5 days, worldwide shipping

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