The story of left-handed crochet addict Woolster

Woolster crocheting on a train

A bit about me....

Hi, my name is Esther, born and raised in the Netherlands but now happily settled in New Zealand together with my partner since 2016. But our passion for exploring new places ignited a serious case of the travel bug, so we decided to travel the world. I said goodbye to my job, and off we went, with no fixed plans and the intention to keep going until we felt satisfied.

Crochet became a way of life

During our adventures across the US and Europe, I found myself with plenty of time on my hands. That's when I rediscovered crochet, a skill my grandmother tried to teach me when I was young (although being left-handed made it a bit tricky). But it stuck with me, and as we travelled, crochet became a big part of my life.

Woolster crocheting around the world

Woolster was born

As my craft flourished, so did the desire to share it with others. Inspired by the positive and joyous reactions of friends and family to my handcrafted creations, the idea of sharing my creations with the rest of the world sprouted and during a lively brainstorm session with dear friends Woolster was born.

What began as a hobby blossomed into an online shop. A project that would not have been possible without the help of my geeky partner.

Handmade in New Zealand

And whilst travelling came to a stop due to the Covid pandemic I continued my Woolster journey while back in my beloved New Zealand. Joined a creatives pop up and attended several markets which all made Woolster flourish. This all led to more successes as Woolster products are now also available in several shops in the South Island of New Zealand.

At Woolster we’re all about quality, each item is made with love and care in New Zealand. But available to the rest of the world. Have a browse in the online shop for the available items.

In case you seek a specific colour or you have a unique gift idea that isn't listed (yet), just reach out. Flick me a message with your ideas. I'm more than happy to collaborate and bring your creative ideas to life.

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