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These handmade merino baby booties are super soft and will keep your baby’s feet warm. Because of the trendy colour combination of grey with beautiful neutral colours it’s a unique baby shower gift or for your own little one. The crochet baby booties are available in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. The high ankle closure and button ensure that the booties stay in place around the foot and are not easy to kick out.



These super cute handmade baby booties are made from 100% merino wool sourced from Bendigo Station in the south of New Zealand. I specifically chose this yarn because it is an exclusive limited edition yarn, not made in bulk in a factory. It is a superior quality merino wool, one of the finest types to be found in New Zealand. This makes it a wonderfully soft product that is perfect for baby booties.

Merino wool has a number of special characteristics:

  • It is a wonderfully soft yarn that is not itchy, compared to other types of wool. This makes it a perfect yarn to use for baby items
  • It regulates the temperature, keeps warm in winter and cools in summer
  • It is self-cleaning. This means you don’t have to wash it often, making it durable and sustainable
  • It is a natural fibre which makes it biodegradable and reusable

All these characteristics make this material extremely suitable for baby shoes

Why baby booties instead of shoes?

In the first months, baby booties are perfectly suitable for keeping your baby’s feet warm. When your child starts walking, wearing booties will protect your baby’s feet and your child can get used to having something on its feet. In addition, baby booties also provide good support and they don’t hinder the development and growth of the little feet. When your child starts to walk more and more, it is wise to switch to firmer baby shoes with a non-slip sole. Your child will have become accustomed to footwear by then and the stiff material of the shoes will provide more support.

That is why the Woolster baby booties are only available in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months.

Booties that will stay on

You probably know this too well, your sprout has been tramping in the cod or pram causing its socks or slippers to come off after you just put them on. And it also happens that you lost one of them somewhere along the way.

Woolster’s crochet baby booties have the perfect fit, making this problem a thing of the past. The wide opening makes it very easy to put them on. While the high ankle closure and the closing button ensure that the booties remain in place around the feet and cannot be kicked out. This way, your little one’s feet will always stay nice and warm.

The baby booties do not need to be washed that often as merino wool is a self-cleaning material. However, if you do want to wash them, it’s recommended to hand wash them lukewarm and let them dry naturally, preferably not in the sun.

Additional information


mustard, dark blue, olive green, taupe, old pink, sage

Sole size

0-3 months: 9cm (sole size), 3-6 months: 10cm (sole size)


0-3 months, 3-6 months

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