Fingerless Mittens/Mitts – various colours


Fingerless mitts will keep your hands warm this winter and you will still be able to use your smartphone. Now you can reply to that text message on a winter day without taking ’em off. Swap your gloves for fingerless mittens this winter.



One size fits all ladies, from tweens to adults. The Woolster Fingerless Mittens aka Mitts will be your favourite accessory this winter. No more taking off gloves when using these modern touchscreen ATMs. No more not being able to use the navigation on your smartphone on a cold day. Your fingers are always ready to type on any screen in the middle of winter. Your hands will stay warm this winter.

These mitts are designed by Prims ‘n Stitches and handcrafted by Woolster.

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blue, cream, grey, dark, grey, dark (marble), grey, light, grey, light (marble), natural, ochre, olive, teal

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