Luna Snuggle Bunny Blankie – cutest security blanket


The Luna Snuggle Bunnie Blankie helps babies build confidence and security. Comforting in times when they might feel a bit of stress, like nap-time. Luna Snuggle Bunnie Blankie is here to help out and to make your little one feel safe & secure at nap-time or at night.

Recommended to be left alone with babies from 12 months and older. You can start introducing the security blanket from 3 months onwards, but your baby shouldn’t be left alone with it just yet. That can be done when your child reaches the age of 12 months.



Luna Snuggle Bunny Blankie is a security blanket and friend in one. Both the blanket and stuffed head are one piece, securely attached together. There are no parts that could come off. It is a safe, secure and fun way to introduce a friend to your baby’s world.

Once a baby starts to realise that (s)he and mum are two separate beings, it might feel stressful when mum leaves the room. A baby security blanket – like Luna Snuggle Bunny Blankie – will help to make it easier and helps the baby to make the transition, from being dependent to independent.

Therefore a security blanket is also called a transitional object. This object will stay with your child for several years as it helps with the more drastic transition process when during the various stages of growing up.

Luna Snuggle Bunny Blankie is here to stay. It is durable and made from 100% cotton yarn that is Oeko-Tex certified. And of course, handcrafted as you can expect from all Woolster crochet products.


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clay, jade, lila, old pink


24 x 24 cm

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