Pacifier Clip Heart – handmade & baby-proof


A pacifier clip is a great invention in order not to lose a pacifier. The pacifier clip ensures the pacifier stays safely secured to your baby’s clothes. This way it won’t fall down on the floor or gets lost. It gives your baby quick and easy access to its pacifier. Especially because a baby in its first six months doesn’t have the motor skills to pick up the pacifier.



This pacifier clip is made with high quality, 100% food-grade silicone and wood. It is BPA-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and latex-free.

  • The beads are made from silicone or wood, which is unfinished but sanded smooth, no oil and no wax is used. For the wrapped wood beads, 100% cotton thread is used to create the decorative crochet wrapping.
  • The heart-shaped ornament is made of 100% cotton and is stuffed with fibre filling.
  • A satin cord keeps it securely together.
  • The clasp is made of unfinished wood that is sanded smooth. It has 3 holes in it to make sure there is no choking hazard should your little one try to put the clasp in its mouth.

A pacifier clip is meant to keep your child’s pacifier safe and clean. It keeps the pacifier off the floor or any other place where it could get dirty. Simply attach the pacifier clip to your child’s clothing (do not attach it to the bed) and it will always have its pacifier nearby.

A pacifier clip is a must-have for babies and thus their parents. All Woolster handmade crochet products combine style, design, fun and functionality and the same goes for these pacifier clips. A unique gift to bring to a baby shower or a sip & see. It’ll bring happiness to new parents as it looks & feels so much better than a standard, mass-produced, store-bought product.

European Safety Standards

All Woolster baby products are made in line with the strict European Safety Standards. What does that mean for this pacifier clip? The maximum length of all Woolster pacifier clips is 22 cm; this includes the loop but excludes the clasp.

Extra tips for safe use of a pacifier clip

  • As a pacifier clip is subject to wear & tear due to friction and movement of the parts, always check to make sure that all parts are still securely attached and there is no damage
  • Do not use a pacifier clip when the baby is unattended or sleeping
  • Only attach the pacifier clip to the child’ clothing. Do not attach it to a stroller, the bed, or any other place! Only attach it to your baby’s clothes.
  • A pacifier clip is not a toy! Please discard the pacifier clip when it gets damaged.

Additional information


22 cm (length)

colours (clasp)

baby powder (white), misty rose (pink), nature (wood), spring green (mint-green)

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