Santa Claus decoration – Amigurumi


Bring Santa home to take the holiday spirit to the next level. This cute Amigurumi crochet Santa (made from cotton) is waiting to be adopted. Will you purchase one and give it a good home?



You better watch out. You better not cry. You better not pout. I’m telling you why. Santa Claus is coming to town

The song that I was hearing in my mind when I was creating this cute Santa Claus decoration. Santa’s height is 12cm and the diameter of the bottom is 8cm. Made from 100% cotton and stuffed with fibre fill makes it an unbreakable and fun Christmas decoration.

Santa can be placed on a cupboard or shelf to take the festive spirit of your home to the next level. Or you can hang it in your Christmas tree. It’s easy to use a Christmas bauble hook or to pull a piece of yarn through its hat. This Santa decoration is super versatile.

And as always, crochet Christmas decorations are cat and baby proof. Everyone can play with it, drop it or even throw it through the room, this Amigurumi Santa is unbreakable. He will always keep smiling.

What is Amigurumi you ask? Well, Amigurumi is crocheting Japanese style. It’s a great way to create cute, small, stuffed creatures, puppets and animals. Working on these creatures is so much fun and the end result always makes me smile.

Additional information


12 cm (height), 8cm (diameter of the base)

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