Teether for babies – Lieffie aka Sweetie


Teething can be a painful time for a little baby. That is why a teether is a very useful tool to soothe the baby’s gums, it relieves teething pain and helps new teeth penetrate the gum. But it is also a form of entertainment for your little one.

Especially with a teether as cute as this one. Lieffie means Sweetie in Dutch. And this teether is such a sweetie, its head is handcrafted, crocheted while its body is a Beechwood ring, securely incorporated with 100% cotton yarn.



When you notice that your little one is starting to chew on toys or other items it might be that teeth start to come in. This will be at around 3 to 7 months of age. This is the perfect time to introduce a teether to your baby’s world. It soothes the baby’s gums and relieves teething pain by helping new teeth to penetrate the gum. And it’s a great way for the baby to be entertained while it’s chewing on the teether’s wooden ring. Lieffie will become your baby’s Sweetie, a new friend.

This teether for babies is made of 100% cotton and stuffed with fibre filling (head of the teether). The eyes are safely embroidered which makes this a soft cuddle friend without any hard plastic parts.

It is securely attached to a natural, eco-friendly Beechwood ring (70 mm, 10 mm thickness). Beechwood is a non-splintering hardwood, it’s naturally antibacterial and 100% non-toxic. It is Beechwood in its purest form as it is unfinished yet sanded smooth, no oils and no waxes are used.

Teether Lieffie comes in two versions: with rattle or without rattle. It’s the same cute handmade natural teether at the same price. One make a subtle sound when moved or shaken while the other doesn’t make a sound at all.

It is a very natural & fun product to help your little one get through the period of teething.

How to keep your teether in tip-top shape

As this teether for babies is made from wood, it should not be submerged in water. To clean it, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

Handmade with ❤️  by Woolster from a design & pattern by Haken@Home.

Additional information


wooden ring: 7cm diameter, 1cm thick
total length (ring + head): 28cm


with rattle, without rattle

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