Cute 3D Bookmarks for Kids – Animals


The cutest bookmarks for kids have arrived at Woolster. Handcrafted super-cute & funny animals that will guard the page where your kid stopped reading his/her favourite book when it was time to go to sleep. Made from 100% cotton.



Kids are so lucky. They can use a super-cute handcrafted animal bookmark instead of a boring piece of paper in between the pages of a book. When they see the cute animal bookmark in between the pages of their favourite book, they want to take it out and start reading again.

Reading is even more fun when you can do it together. By having a fun 3D bookmark for kids in between the pages they love to open their book again to continue reading. And using a 3D bookmark is so much better than using a boring plastic bookmark or even worse folding the pages of the book.

There’s no need to mess around with paper and glue to make 3D bookmark yourself. These 3D bookmarks are handmade locally and ship globally. Kids worldwide love ’em.

The 3D bookmarks for kids are made from cotton – super-soft and cuddly – and are made according to the Japanese crochet art called Amigurumi. These funny and cute yarn animals are handmade by Woolster, the travelling Dutch-Kiwi crochet addict.

Select your favourite animal and surprise your child this Christmas. Or when it’s their birthday. A 3D bookmark is a great gift year-round. These are a great way to give a gift to someone who loves reading or even yourself. Why not try it out for yourself?

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Carl (cat), Daniel (dragon), Elsa (unicorn), Franny (flamingo), Garry (gecko), Harry (hound), Manuel (mouse), Pam (platypus), Paula (zebra), Sharon (sheep)

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