Face Cloth Crunchy Single – various colours


This soft handmade face cloth is made of 100% cotton yarn. Because of the texture and softness, they are a perfect addition to your daily beauty routine. The face cloth is reusable and easy to wash.



The Crunchy Face Cloth range comes in a wide variety of colours. Select your favourite colour and create your own personal set… Or purchase one of the face cloth gift sets we have created for you.

What is a face cloth?

The Woolster Crunchy face cloth is hand-made (crochet) from 100% cotton, a natural product. A face cloth is like a mini-towel, but instead of using it to dry your face you’ll use it to clean (wash) your face.

Is it good to use a face cloth?

A face cloth is a super-easy way to wash and clean your face. No more spilling water and making a mess of the bathroom. This super-soft 100% cotton face cloth is like a small towel (dimensions 20 x 20 centimetre). Wash and clean your face then dry it with a fresh towel. The simplest and most pure beauty ritual there is.

How do you wash this face cloth?

This unique, hand-crafted face cloth stays in perfect shape when you machine wash it cold and then dry it flat.

Additional information

Dimensions 20 × 20 cm

birch, clay, ecru

shipping info

will be shipped within 5 days, worldwide shipping

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