Potholder single rib – various colours

A stylish addition to your kitchen. These handcrafted single rib potholders will make it super easy to get a hot dish from the oven or to grab that pan to drain the pasta. Cotton potholders are easy to use, washable and always there when you need ’em.

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Bring colour to your kitchen by bringing in a functional and fashionable little helper. Introducing the Woolster potholder made from 100% cotton. These will protect your hands when having to take off the lid of a steaming pan or when the handle of your pan conducts heat better than the manufacturer told you in the instructional manual.

These thick cotton potholders are easy to grab and easy to use, much easier than an oven mitt. Where did I put my oven mitt? No one likes to leave these lying around on the kitchen bench. Too bulky and not attractive, so the oven mitts are always tucked away in some bottom drawer.

Our potholders are fun and funky. They are pleasant to look at so you can keep ‘em lying around or hang ‘em on a nice little hook on the kitchen wall. Everyone will adore these lovely handcrafted kitchen items. You can even use the potholder to protect your precious kitchen bench. It will absorb the heat, it doesn’t melt or burn so you can easily put that hot pan on the potholder. Try doing that with a synthetic oven mitt.

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