Dutch Bath Mitt – “washandje”

The Dutch bath mitt will become your favourite accessory in the bathroom. Use it to cleanse or exfoliate at the washstand or in the shower. Easy to use and easy to clean (machine washable). Each sold separately.

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A popular bathroom accessory in the Netherlands (and various other countries) is a simple yet very effective one: the bath mitt or as we like to call it the Dutch Bath Mitt.

Is a bath mitt the same as a wash mitt?

A Dutch Bath Mitt is like a wash mitt without the thumb. It’s like two face cloths sewed together and one side left open so you can put your hand in it. But in fact, it’s a bit more complicated. It’s a very powerful cleansing accessory.

The Dutch Bath Mitt can be used by everyone, by left-handed and right-handed people. It’s made from super-soft recycled cotton with a slightly rough structure which means it will exfoliate your skin. Use it with any soap, bathing foam or any skincare product you like to use in the shower. Use the little loop to hang it on a hook to dry. The bath mitt is machine washable.


Fill the Dutch Bath Mitt with ice cubes and use it as an ice bag to put on a bruised arm or knee. Put the bath mitt ice bag on the forehead of your child when (s)he is feverish. The material of the bath mitt will absorb the water from the melting ice.

Being a very versatile bathroom accessory, it’s no wonder the Dutch can’t get enough of their bath mitts. Or the Belgians, French or Germans, all European cultures that have embraced the power of the bath mitt. You will often see people from these countries bringing their own (set of) bath mitts when travelling to New Zealand or Australia as it’s a bathroom accessory they can’t leave home without.

Especially because they know that a Dutch Bath Mitt is impossible to find in most countries worldwide as no regular store stocks it. It’s a European thing. Try it, purchase one of these Dutch Bath Mitt and you will be hooked. Woolster is ready to conquer Kiwi bathrooms with these unique, custom-made and custom-designed Dutch Bath Mitts.

Is a Dutch bath mitt the same as a French bath mitt?

Yes. Several Europeans countries use a similar bath mitt. The design and use are exactly the same. A Dutch Bath Mitt is the same as a French Bath Mitt. These were just designed and created by Woolster, a crochet addict with a Dutch heart so we decided to call them Dutch bath mitts.

Other countries where a Dutch wash mitt or washing mitt is popular are Belgium, France, Germany, Iran, and Korea.

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