Christmas baubles – set of 3 baubles

These crochet baubles are made from 100% cotton for a beautifully soft textured feeling. They all have a small loop at the top, making it easy to add an ornament hanger or a ribbon. Inside is a polystyrene bauble, so it’s a lightweight Christmas ornament. One set contains 3 baubles in the same colour scheme.

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Create a vintage/retro or European look with this year’s Christmas decorations. These colourful handmade retro Christmas baubles are inspired by the way Europeans celebrate Christmas.

Each crochet bauble is made from 100% cotton, creating a colourful and amazing soft texture. Add an ornament hanger or ribbon (easy to do as there’s a loop for that) and hang ’em in your Christmas tree. Or decorate your house, bach or home-office. Adding colour to Christmas is easy this year.

These Christmas baubles come in different colour combinations and with different patterns. When you order a set of the Christmas baubles you can select the colour you prefer. Each set contains 3 baubles, 1 of each pattern made. Ordering a Christmas bauble set is the best way to get all unique Woolster patterns complete.

More than just hanging Christmas decorations

These baubles are not only perfect for your Christmas tree. Put them in a tall glass vase with some electric/LED lights and you have created another colourful way to decorate your place.
The decoration options are endless. And because these baubles are unbreakable, they will last for a long, long time.

Make it a cat-proof Christmas tree

Cats are amazing friends to have. They are fun and playful but that also means that they love to play with hanging Christmas decorations. Some cats even love jumping into the Christmas tree. It is a well-known fact that when there’s a cat in the house, glass Christmas decorations don’t last long.

Why get stressed out at Christmas time? Your furry friend only wants to play. Therefore these handmade, colourful Christmas baubles are perfect for you and your furry friend. The outer of each bauble is made from 100% cotton while the inner is a polystyrene ball, making it virtually unbreakable. You might as well order a few more just for your cat. It’ll be a merry and colourful Christmas this year, for you and your cat.

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black-white, blue-silver, natural, purple-pastel, vintage

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