The story of travelling crochet addict Woolster

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A bit about me.... Esther

Originally Dutch, moved to New Zealand, but infected with the travel bug we wanted to explore more of the world. So after quitting my job, we decided to do some more travelling.... A lot more travelling. The plan was to keep travelling until we decided that it was enough.

Crocheting became a way of life

We left New Zealand and travelled through the USA and Europe extensively. While exploring different cultures, meeting all kinds of people and having a lot of time on my hands, my creativity got triggered. Crocheting became a part of my life.

I bought more amazing materials along the way and created presents for friends and family. After seeing their smiling faces and getting more and more amazing feedback, I decided I wanted to share my crochet magic with the world.

Why Woolster?

During a fun brainstorm session with friends, the idea of sharing my crochet projects with the world became more real. And while during this session a lot of names were thrown around, it was our friends' kid who shouted out the perfect name for my crochet projects... Woolster was born.

Et voila, my Woolster shop with handcrafted crochet products is live. A hobby that turned into an online shop. That, by the way, would not have been possible without the help of my residential geek and travel partner in crime, the 'we' in this story.

The product range of Woolster will continue to change.... New items will be added, limited editions will soon appear and current products could change or even be removed again, all depending on which direction the world of fashion, home déco and colours will go into.

Questions of feedback?

Feel free to contact me.... Questions, feedback or compliments, it's all great stuff to receive. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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